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Guangzhou Jiang cai Package Co., Ltd (JCPAC) specializes in manufacturing plastic tubes, aluminum laminated tubes and plastic laminated tubes, Our factory located in Baiyun district Guangzhou City,which owns standard workshop covers over 15,000 Square meters.We adopt three excellent domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing lines in service, including  five-layers sleeve producing machine, automatic UV six-color silkscreen printing machines,multi functional machines for perforating,foil sealing and screwing,automatic labeling machines and automatic hot-stamping machines, which can ensure the stability of product quality and can satisfy different requirements from customers.

Building on decades of  expertise in the design and manufacture of plastic tube packaging,we supply a range of squeeze plastic tubes from 13mm to 60mm diameter, type of round, oval, super-oval, triangle,square and tube-in-tube. Surface technology could be offset printing, silkscreen printing and foil hot-stamping decoration.Our plastic tube widely used in cosmetic fields, chemical industry and foodstuff and and various liquid creams.
Guangzhou Jiang cai Package Co.,Ltd (JCPAC) has been constantly striving for high quality, rigorous management and upgrading the capacity in the fierce competitive packaging market.

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